Archer Rewatch - 2x10, El Secuestro

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because starsandsabers wanted it

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PAM: Do you people even GIVE A SHIT?! Cheryl’s dumb ass gets me kidnapped and the shit kicked out of me all day and nobody even tried to rescue me?!

RAY: Archer’s fault
ARCHER: *shut up*

PAM: YOU shut up, mister “Pam’s not worth it”!

Then you stupid a-holes shoot a gillion stupid a-hole bullets at me..

MALORY: Not me! I wasn’t shooting!

PAM: Aaaand YOU! The WORST of the bunch!

MALORY: Me?! Why me?

PAM: Five thousands measly dollars?

MALORY: You know maybe I low-balled him at first but I-I I had some wiggle room!

PAM: Yeah? Well let’s see how much you wiggle when I’m whippin five thousand bucks worth of your ass!


LANA: Hey, whoa! Pam!

ARCHER: Lana… Let her have this one.

MALORY: Sterling! Somebody! Anybody?

PAM: Yeah anybody…..wanna piece of this?




LANA: Nooooope.

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It’s like….. Meowschwitz in there

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Who taught you how to punch… Your husband?

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Yeah, I was going to put this in with the Wild Bunch montage, but Pam is so badass here she deserves her own gif.

Isis goes Wild Bunch


Twisted Firestarter

Pam just broke the first two rules.

Safety’s Off, Barn.

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SERIOUSLY… maybe see if yer daddy’ll give you a roll of nickels.

dedicated to amonsteraday because rollerderby girls are grnf Pam is her spirit animal.


That was a close one!