mandinz asked:
You prepared for January 17th :P ?

prepared to watch it, but not prepared to gif it. Basically I have been seriously neglecting tumblr - this blog and my personal blog. So I’ve found a more than suitable replacement to take over and continue it for you all.

It’s been an absolute laugh but I’m just not as invested in the blog as much as I was once and a show like Archer deserves a higher level of commitment than I’m giving it.

So thanks to you, and to all of the other people I’ve chatted to regularly as a result of this blog. I’d also like to say a huge fuck you to all the people who never learned to say please or thank you, and those who just don’t seem to know how tags work or how searches work. Seriously, I spent fucking ages retagging those gifs with character and episode name and still people ask without checking. ugh.

If anyone wants me, you can find me here at my personal blog, but usual warnings of NSFWness apply, it is by no means a porn blog, but there’s random bouts of meaty wangs and chokesex in with all the other stuff.

So.. yeah, I’m just hammering out the details, but this blog will go on - albeit under a new mod. BRING ON SEASON 4.

  1. mandinz said:…
  2. soulsister101 said: Sorry you are not continuing! Hope all is well! Glad I got to “meet” you on Tumblr!
  3. offcolored said: Sorry to see you go, man, but I’m glad you got someone to carry the torch. How else are we going to run our one-liners into the ground here at the studio?
  4. gloriagotrocks said: Awwww I appreciate my Archer gifs! Thanks for the fun!!!!!
  5. sbhoola said: WE’LL MISS YOU.
  6. zincstoat said: I’d just like to say a huge thank you for all your work so far, and wish you every success with your future endeavors. :)
  7. aquaticdex said: Thanks for making that GIF of Krieger snorting MSG off of Pam’s belly!
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